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Moving to FAMLY

The Nest is moving to FAMLY for our nursery management software, for parents this will mean that you will use FAMLY instead of TAPESTRY. You will also be able to check your fee account statement and view invoices, view your booking and futures bookings, make requests for additional days, update your personal details, send messages directly to your key person and more. From 1st September 2020, The Nest will no longer accept BACS payments. All payments must be made via vouchers, TFC, debit/credit card or Direct Debit. You will be able to set up your DD or pay by card through the app. For any payments by TFC or Voucher please complete the form below. 

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Useful forms

One month before you start us, please complete the child and parent details form below. During your time with us, if any of your details change, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are newly eligible for funding or your wish to change your funded options. You should complete the funding form below. You can find out more about the funding options available here. If you do not use funding and you want to change your sessions, please complete the change to session request form below. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I receive my invoice?

You can access you invoice and download your invoice on the FAMLY app. You will also receive a prompt by email to let you know that you invoice is available.

How do I pay an invoice?

You can pay your invoice through your Tax Free Childcare account, using childcare vouchers or by BACS. From September 2020, we will no longer accept BACS and instead you can pay through the FAMLY app using a credit or debit card, you can even set up a direct debit.

I have made a payment but it is not showing in my FAMLY app account yet, why?

If you have paid by BACS, please allow 2 working days for your account on FAMLY to be updated. If you have paid by childcare voucher, please allow 10 working days for your account on FAMLY to be updated. Some childcare voucher are only sent to us on a Friday each week, therefore, if you pay on a Saturday, it wont reach our bank account until one week on Monday, and therefore be added to FAMLY on the Wednesday. this is the slowest payment method. If you pay using Tax Free Childcare, please allow 2 working days for your account on FAMLY to be updated. Please ensure your payments reach us before 27th month. You will contiue to receive payment reminders until your payment is allocated to FAMLY. Late payment fees are charged for any monthly payments reaching us after 1st of the month and for any ad hoc bookings payments reaching us later than the due date on the invoice. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please talk to us. is the best email address for these queries.

If my child is sick, do I still have to pay?

Yes, you will still need to pay for your childs nursery place if they are sick.

If we go on holiday, do I still have to pay?

If you go on holiday your nursery fee is still payable. It is possible to sell your holiday sessions to another family. Just give us 8 weeks notice of your holiday. If another family can use your place, we will refund you 70% of your nursery fee.

How can I tell you that we are going on holiday?

You can let us know that you are going on holiday through the Famly app. This is useful for our planning and means that we will not contact you when you do not attend.

When I tell you I am going on holiday, can I cancel it again?

yes, this is fine, providing noone has bought your session, just let us know as soon as you know you are not going.

We often go away for a whole month because our family live abroad. What are my options?

Some families prefer to use our Flexible childcare option. You can read about that here Alternatively if you have a continuous booking with us, you can choose to go away for one month per year and pay a 50% retainer fee for that month. This is applicable for one whole calendar month and not a part month. You need to give us 2 full months notice to do this so that we can plan our staffing accordingly. Sometimes parents choose to give notice to leave us and then rejoin the nursery. This is fine, but you will need to pay a new registration fee and we can not guarentee that your child will rejoin the same group or have the same key person when they return. You will also lose any discounts you have and when you start with us you will be on the most up to date pricing structure on our website. It is important to consider the best option for your circumstances.

We are moving away, how much notice do I need to give to leave the nursery?

If you are privately funded: You need to give us two months notice to leave the nursery. Notice is taken from the 1st of the following month. For example, if you give notice on 15th April, your notice period is until 30th June. You are liable to pay any fees during that period. If you receive EYFE (funded hours) for all or part of your booking, you will need to give us one full terms notice.

We are eligible for EYFE (funded hours) soon, how do claim them?

If you have an eligble two-year-old, once you have your E number, you can simple complete the

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