Seven Dials Nursery Fees

Hanover is open 51 weeks per year 8 am until 7 pm.

Seven Dials/Brighton Station is open 51 weeks per year 7 am until 7 pm

We offer term time only and all-year-round attendance. 

All fees include milk, healthy breakfast (before 830), fruit and vegetable snacks, home-cooked lunch and tea 

A variety of peripatetic classes and activities, nappies, wipes, and consumables

The fees below are based on all-year-round attendance. Please get in touch if you require term-time only

Off-Peak: Before 8am and after 6pm Peak: 8am to 6pm

Short Day

830am to 530pm


+10% 4+ day discount

Extended 1/2 Day

8:30am to 2:30pm


Standard Day

8am to 6pm


+10% 4+ day discount

Flexi Session

Paid per hour

Min 7 hrs


School Day

830am to 430pm


-5% 4 day -10% 5 day

Off Peak

Before 8am

After 6pm


Half Day

815am - 1245pm

115pm - 545pm



2 year-old-funding


Up to 30 hours funded when your child turns 3

We welcome the use of Early Years Free Entitlement. Your personal entitlement will depend on your own circumstances and you should refer to to check your eligibility. You should do this as early as possible to ensure that you receive the hours you are entitled to. You can apply the term before your child turns 3. We accept funding all year round and term time only. 

You can apply for a place at The Nest before you have confirmed funding. To apply for a funded space at The Nest, complete our registration form and our funding application form. You can apply for a place before your eligibility is confirmed but funding can only be applied to your sessions when you have confirmed eligibility.  You can find our funding fees above.

All 3-year-olds receive 15 hours a week (570 hours per year) starting the term after they 3 years old. Most are entitled to 30 hours a week (1140 hours per year). When it comes to funding, how much you pay for your child's nursery place depends on your personal eligibility and your attendance at nursery. Here are some examples, but we can give you a better view based on your own circumstances and attendance preferences.  Fees include all activities, peripatetic classes, resources, outings, meals, and snacks. 

 3-Year-old funding options

Fees are invoiced monthly. 

30 hour funding (extended) = 1140 hours per year / 15 hour funding (universal) = 570 hours per year

Choose either Free Hours, Fixed Hours, or Flexible sessions.

Any parent supplement fees cover the costs of additional hours, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, activities

Free Hours:

Universal: 15 hours term time only - 230pm until 530pm - 5 days per week (option 1)

Universal: 11 hours all year round - 8:45 am until 2:15 pm - 2 days per week (option 2)

Extended: 30 hours term time only - 830am until 230pm - 5 days per week (option 3)

Extended: 22 hours all year round - 1 day 8am until 6pm, 4 days 2:30 to 5:30 (option 4)


Supplement fees per week: Option 1: £7.50 Option 2: £14 Option 3: £30 Option 4: £11 

Additional hours/sessions can be booked, see the booking form

Fixed Hours:

Fixed option A

2.5 Days - All Year Round

1140 funded hrs per year (30hr)

Mon, Tue 830 to 530 OR

Thurs, Fri 830 to 530

Plus a half-day on Weds


£166 per month

Fixed option B

3 Half Days - Term Time Only

570 funded hrs per year (15hr)

3 sessions - 1pm until 6pm


3 sessions - 8am to 1pm

Days set by availability

£21.45 per week

Fixed option C

3 Days - Term Time Only

1140 funded hrs per year (30hr)

8am to 6pm

Mon, Tues and Fri


Weds, Thurs and Fri

£21.12 per week

Fixed option D

2 Days - 830 to 430

570 funded hrs per year (15hr)

Mon & Tues OR

Thurs & Fri

Year-round using 11 hrs funding a week £200.35 per month


Example Flexible Hours:

3 x 8-6 Days

All Year Round

1140 funded hours per year

£308 pm

570 funded hours per year


5 x 8-6 Days

All year round

1140 funded hours per year


570 funded hours per year


4 x 830-430 Days

Term Time only

570 funded hours per year

£462.55pm (Sept to July)

1140 funded hours per year

£248.03pm  (Sept to July)

5 Half Days

All year round

1140 funded hours per year


570 funded hours per year


We aim to be as accomodating as possible, we just have a few limitations to ensure consistency for our children and staff

8-6 days include all meals and snacks, breakfast finishes at 830 and is not included with sessions starting at 830 or later. Sessions finishing at or before 430 do not include tea. 

Full-time fees include discounts for Bank holidays, training days and the 5 days we are closed over Christmas

Our Flexi hours can be used for regular weekly sessions in blocks of 7 hours or more. 

Extra hours can be added before a half-day session. A maximum of 30 minutes can be added after. Beyond that, a full afternoon session must be booked.

Additional sessions can be added subject to availability. Additional sessions are a minimum of 5hrs at £7ph. 

All year round attendance fees are charged across 12 monthly installments, weekly fee * 51 weeks / 12 months. 

Term-time only fees are charged across 11 monthly installments September to July, weekly fee * 38 weeks / 11 months

No fee is charged for the 5 working days we are closed over Christmas.

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