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Frequently asked questions

What is a 'nursery bubble'?

A nursery bubble refers to a small group of children and staff that will remain together as much as practically possible. How big is a 'nursery bubble'? The size of a nursery bubble will be dependent on what children need to return to the nursery and the age of the children. Daily the bubbles will be as follows, across the week your child will mix with no more than 16 different families. The bubbles will vary between Seven Dials and Hanover due to the layouts of the nursery Seven Dials For babies under 2: Two staff and six children per day For two-year-olds: Two staff and eight children per day For three-year-olds: One staff member and eight children per day. Hanover For babies under 2: Three staff and eight children per day For two-year-olds: Three staff and twelve children per day For three-year-olds: Two staff members and 14 children per day. (4 spare places to be allocated across the downstairs room depending on need- staffed accordingly) The numbers at Hanover are based on doubling the recommended space allowances for children as outlined in recent guidance for halls and shared spaces. This means that we are accepting 50% of our total normal capacity. So although the group sizes are bigger than those at Seven Dials the children have more space to make distancing easier.

Will siblings be together in a 'nursery bubble'?

In some cases, we may have mixed-age groups to accommodate siblings being in the same bubble, this has worked very well at Seven Dials for key worker families. This will not be possible at Hanover

Will my child be with children of a similar age in their 'nursery bubble'?

Each bubble will vary, some will have the same ages and some will have mixed ages. This is because ensure staffing consistency on the days that you would like to attend.

Will my child be with staff whom they know in their 'nursery bubble'?

Yes, we will aim to ensure that your child knows the member of staff we have them with.

How long will the nursery operate in this way?

We will operate in this way until we are advised it is safe to operate normally again.

Can my child do settle sessions before attending their usual sessions?

You can choose a gradual return to nursery for your child, maybe you want to do half days for a week before doing full days, or maybe you want to do two days one week before doing 5 days. Please email your nursery directly to arrange this if you have not already. If you feel your child needs a settle with you, we can offer this at a cost of £10 per hour. We can offer one hour, with one parent, the child and your key person. We can offer a second hour with just your child and their key person. We can not do these until after 1st June.

Will The Nest staff be wearing masks?

Our team will not be forced to wear masks or face coverings on a day to day basis. We do appreciate that some team members may have personal reasons for wearing one. For those who choose to wear one, we have purchased a selection of material options in child-friendly prints. They may also choose to wear own.

Can children wear masks if they want to?

Yes, it is optional. You can provide your child with a mask to wear at the nursery. Please ensure that your child is happy to wear one and that they are able to put it on themselves.

Will children be able to play with each other?

Yes, children in the same bubble will be able to play with each other. We will carefully arrange the environment so that when playing together, children have enough space to not be on top of each other. We will also limit the number of children playing together in one area, for example, two children may be able to play together in the construction area

Can children hug each other?

Ideally, children can not hug other children. However, there will be circumstances when we can not stop this from happening. This is why the idea of bubbles and reduction in numbers will be very helpful. It will prevent children from hugging and playing closely with a large number of different children. Thus, reducing the transfer of any virus between everyone. No child will be told strictly that they can not hug or be together. They will be redirected gently instead.

Will staff be able to hug children if they need comfort?

Our team will not tell children that they can not have a hug, if a hug is really needed we will hug them. Before, our team will use other comforting techniques such as sitting with them, speaking softly, holding their hand, offering favourite toys. If your child can not be comforted safely we will call you within 10 minutes.

Will, my child eat lunch with their friends?

Children will remain in their bubbles for lunchtimes. Chairs will be positioned in a way that enables more distancing than usual, but children will not be sat at a table on their own.

What will happen if my child gets symptoms of COVID-19 while at nursery?

We will follow the government's guidance in this situation. Children will be sent home if they present with any of the following symptoms. Our usual sickness policy will also apply, we will need to be extra cautious. The decision lies with your key person. Please do not question their judgement of our team. They are always doing what is best for your child and others. Symptoms include (one or more of the following): New/Continuous Cough Temperature at or above 37.8 Loss of taste and/or smell When waiting with a child that has symptoms, our employees must wear full PPE. This will include a mask. When can my child return to nursery if they have symptoms? They can return to nursery after 14 days. Should we get tested if we have symptoms? If you or your child has symptoms you are entitled to have a test. If your child tests positive, then everyone in that 'nursery bubble' must isolate for 14 days including the members of staff. If their test is negative, you can return to nursery.

What will be the procedure for drop off and pick up?

You will be allocated a time for drop off and pick up. When waiting outside you must adhere to social distancing from other families, please queue along Albert Road at 2m distance for Seven Dials, and please queue up Islingword Rd at 2m distances for Hanover. At Pick up time, we will get your children ready for you and we will only open the door at the allocated times. We will hand children over in the order you are queuing. At Hanover, please do not enter the foyer. At Seven Dials, please do not ring the buzzer, we will open the door at allocated times. If your child is a walker, please stand two meters back from the front door at both nurseries, we will bring your child to the door and they will walk to you. We may call for more than one child at a time, but please wait for your child to be called before having them walk to us. If you have a non-walker, you may pass your baby to us. Please kiss your baby before handing them over. You must not hand your baby over and then lean in for a kiss. We can only take one baby at a time.

What if I miss my drop off or collection time?

If you are going to be late please let us know via the FAMLY app. On arrival please join the end of the nursery queue. You can collect/drop off at the next allotted time slot. Can I come into the nursery? Based on current guidance, parents can not enter the nursery. Except where a child needs to settle. We can allow one, one-hour settle session with one parent. Measures are in place to ensure the parent is not in contact with any other children.

How will I get feedback about my child's day?

On our new FAMLY app you will receive notification about sleep, food and routines directly on there. Therefore you should get all the info you need. If you need anything else, just pop us a message through the app and we will update you accordingly on there. Please do refrain from sending unnecessary messages though, because your key person will be busy with your children.

Will peripatetic classes take place?

Currently, we are unable to offer our external classes such as Yoga, Protots and Music Mike. This is because they can potentially visit several settings. Based on current guidance we are not allowed visitors on site.

Will my child's nursery room look different to what they are used to?

During the closure, we have made many improvements to our nursery environment and we have set up learning spaces which have more space and where children in different spaces are more separate from each other, but your children can still play together. We are really happy with the result. Just a few alterations like Soft furnishings will be removed Books will be limited and be replaced with more adult-led storytimes instead Regular hand washing The nursery room does NOT have 2m floor markings or chalk circles for children to play or any other scary measures.... it will seem quite normal to your little one.

Will you take the children on outings?

It is not advisable to take children on outings unless there is no outdoor space available. We will use the garden space regularly. Rooms will be ventilated by ensuring that windows and doors are open where it is safe to do so.

Will other visitors come into the nursery?

If essential work is required visitors will observe social distancing at all time. Wherever possible we will have the work carried out at time when children are not present.

Do I have to pay if I am not ready to return yet?

If you do not need to return to nursery on 1st June, you can stay home with your child and you will only be charged a 10% retainer fee. When the nursery moves to phase 3 of its return plan, we will need all children to pay in full for all sessions they had booked pre-closure. This includes all families, even if you indicated on the google booking form that you wanted to return later. If you really do not feel able to return at that point due to personal circumstances, please email and we will happily consider each individual case. If you would like to make a permanent change to your child's booking, please let us know by completing a change to session request form here

What will the daily routine be like for the children?

The daily routine will be much like any other nursery day. Arrival, breakfast, group time, activities, snack, activities, lunch, sleep, snack, group time, activities, tea, activities, home.

Can I bring a pushchair?

Please try not to bring a pushchair to nursery. Please carry or talk your child as often as possible. If you must bring a pushchair, on drop off, please keep it with you until all children are inside the building and the door is closed. You may then store your pushchair whilst observing social distancing rules. At pick up, please come earlier than you're allocated time to collect your pushchair and observe social distancing rules. Whilst we want to accommodate this, using a pushchair will cause logistical issues for you because distancing will be difficult. Ensure that you are following current social distancing rules at all times.

Why cant The Nest provide tea right now?

After much consideration we will not be able to provide tea at this time. Our chefs are not able to return. to prevent more people entering the nursery we must limit the number of staff in the building. The manager or deputy manager will prepare lunch. It is practical for bubble staff to prepare tea as they will have to leave the room. Therefore we must ask you to provide a packed tea for your child. Send it in a wipable plastic box or a carrier bag that can be immediately disposed of. We can not offer discounts. The cost of reduced numbers far outweighs the cost of a tea. This is purely a practical decision and not a financial one. As soon as we can, please be assured that we will return to offering tea again. This is an important element for us because we prefer children to enjoy the same meal. Thank you for your understanding

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