Flexible/Emergency childcare option

If you are looking for a flexible childcare or emergency childcare option you can choose our flexible option. 

No minimum number of sessions required each week 


Book sessions up to 1 month in advance.


Session bookings are subject to availability. 

Monthly registration fee: £100 payable on the 1st of each month

£7 per hour between 8am and 6pm

(minimum 5-hour session)

£16 per hour before 8am and after 6pm

Sessions of less than 7 hours can start at 8am or 1:15pm only.

Once registered, you can book your sessions easily through our app. 

Initial registration fee £130 - includes first months fee

Settling in period - £200

3 x 1hr sessions over 1 week

6 x 1/2 day PM sessions required over 2 weeks

1 full month notice required to suspend the registration

You can choose the flexible childcare or emergency childcare option. Perfect for self-employed families or families who rely on family for childcare but need emergency childcare when their family member goes on holiday. 

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