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The Nest Nursery at Hanover, Brighton is located towards the top of Islingword Road, close to Queens Park. 


The Nest caters for babies, toddlers and young children from birth until they start school. We are less than 5 minutes walk from beautiful Queens Park, where our children love to explore, and just 10 minutes from The Level. We are ideally located for families commuting into Brighton for work and for local residents. 

Wrens Nest

Wrens Nest lovingly provides for babies from birth until

approximately 2 years


We want to provide the very best environment for your baby, so before your baby starts with us, your key person will spend time with you and your baby to ensure that they know their individuals needs, preferences and routines. We take careful note of even the smallest of details, which we understand will make the biggest difference in helping them to settle into their new nursery family and environment. 

We have a ratio of at least 1:3 at all times. Our staff are chosen for their nurturing and loving personalities as well as their experience and qualifications. Each key person has a very manageable number of key children to ensure that they are able to develop strong bonds and relationships with each family and baby. 

Your babies day will be filled with plenty of fun and stimulating activities. They will include many sensory activities where your baby can get to know the world and make sense of it through sight, smells, touch, noise and taste. 

We have a range of both open ended resources and commercial toys, that will stimulate your baby and develop their cognitive skills. 

The routines in Wrens Nest are very baby led. We understand that not all babies have the same sleep and eating schedule. 

Our fees are all inclusive of meals and snacks. We can provide for baby led weaning as well as pureed meals. You will just need to provide us with your choice of formula or breast milk. 

Robins Nest

Our Nursery Room For Toddlers

Our baby and toddler rooms lovingly provide for toddlers from approximately 24 months old to 3-years-old.


This age group are ready to investigate and explore the world around them, so time in the Robins room is fun and energetic! The holistic approach to learning and development means that children are having so much fun they do not realise how much they have learnt. The children are supported by knowledgeable and caring practitioners, who encourage the children’s 
developing independence and social skills as they play. 

Our children spend a lot of time outdoors.  Our garden is always available and we go on outings to the local beach, parks, woods, farms and playgrounds. Interaction with nature helps a healthy mind and spirit to develop. Children are 'free spirits' wanting to explore the great outdoors, no matter what the weather is like. Debbie's motto is, the weather is not the problem, our clothing is! So we ask you to ensure that your child always has weather suitable clothing. 

Individual and Adaptable

Routine is central to the development of young children. We work hard to ensure that we are able to follow each child's individual routine. Since every child and family is different we never follow a 'one method fits all' approach. Instead, we spend time with you finding out your child's own personal needs. 


As children grow, we adapt to their needs. Our constant reflection, evaluating and adaptations, means that the environment is always tailored to meet the children's needs.

Swallows Nest

Our Preschool for 3 to 5 year olds

When your child is ready for a little extra, our preschool sessions are catered to meet the needs of their growing minds. We keep our nurturing touch with sessions that are a little more structured. We accept preschool early years funding too.


As toddlers grow into early childhood, their world begins to open up. They become more independent and more social.  The children’s use of language flourishes and their inquiring minds are keen to discover the answers to their questions. Our team plan activities that reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage for the development of preschool children. There are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading, mathematics skills, science, mark making, imaginative play, construction and ICT, which are reinforced through purposeful play. We introduce more structure to your child’s day, along with other activities such as cooking, dance, drama and interesting outings. 

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