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Thank you for considering The Nest. Things are a little different during COVID-19, from 1st June 2020, we are able to offer visits to The Nursery and have new children join us. However, we would like you to fully understand the changes that are in place at the moment. Please take some time to read through all of the information provided here. 

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Visits from prospective parents


Central government announced that nurseries were allowed to be open to the wider public from Monday 1st June. 


From Monday 15th June, The Nest is open to the wider public. This may be subject to change depending on local and central government advice. Local advice does differ to that of central government. 


We would like to refer you to the following




From Monday 1st June we will allow show arounds to take place with the following restrictions


  • Visits can only take place when children are not on-site, therefore visits will take place at 6:05 pm only. 

  • Only one adult per family may enter the setting.

  • You will be asked to supply and wear their own face covering

  • You will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entering the nursery.

  • You will be asked to wear gloves throughout the nursery.

  • During the show around you must not touch any surfaces.

  • Our member of staff will wear a face covering.

  • Prior to the visit, our member of staff will prop open all doors. 

  • You will be shown two of our nursery rooms during the visit. 

  • The member of staff and the visitor must remain 2m apart at all times. Our member of staff will stay ahead of the visitor. You should follow behind at a 2m distance. 

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a question and answer session during the visit but any questions can be answered via telephone call the next working day. 


These restrictions will lead to an unusual visit. However, we do understand that some parents need to get back to work and viewing the nursery is important. On arrival, if there are still parents and children leaving the nursery, please join the end of the queue and wait until they have left.


Prospective families should read our COVID-19 risk assessment before making the decision to send their children to nursery. They must use all of the information available to them (including government advice) to make a decision as to whether it is a safe time for their children to start nursery. 


Settling into nursery

Settling into nursery during these unprecedented times is very different from our usual flexible approach. Please read our COVID-19 settling in policy. We have welcomed several children so far during COVID-19 and although some parents have found the settling in was different from what they expected, the children have all settled very quickly. 


Drop off and pick ups during COVID-19

Dropping off and picking up from nursery in the current situation is different as well. Government guidance recommends that parents should not enter the building at drop off and collection times.


The government guidance states that children should be kept in bubbles. In order to facilitate the smaller bubbles of children, we have split all children into groups. The groups are not the same as they were previously. To avoid confusion we have used colours for our bubbles. They do not correlate to our previous Robins, Owls, Swallows or Wrens and they are not necessarily based on the age of the children. Bubbles will not be able to mix. Children will not be able to play with children in a different bubble. This ensures a safe track and trace system. 


Each bubble has a 

  • a specific team of carers, depending on the group, there are between one and three carers to each group.

  • a specific area of the building/room

  • Set garden time and a garden resource box

  • Specific and set drop off and collection times. 


Once you are registered and you choose a start date, we will look at which bubbles suit the age of your child and your attendance. We will then let you know which “bubble” your child will join. 


To accommodate the required consistency we must implement set drop off and collection times. When you know which bubble your child will join, you should choose your drop off and collection times and check which entrance you should use. Hanover and Seven Dials


Please read our procedure for families. Hanover  and Seven Dials


Keep in touch if you are unsure about any of these procedures. 


Thank you for considering The Nest for care for your child and we will get back to normal running as soon as it is safe to do so. 


Register for a place at The Nest

We are still accepting reservation requests for places at The Nest. Please visit our admissions page for more information and to reserve a place. 

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