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Children enjoy our healthy range of meals and snacks. Our menu choices mean that children develop an advanced pallet and become less fussy eaters.

"Its really important to me that meals at The Nest reflect the meals that I offer my own children at home"

Debbie, Owner and manager


We offer breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and all snacks in-between. We are able to cater for any special dietary requirements. Daily meal plans are carefully thought out to ensure a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 


Breakfast is offered before 8:30am -  we offer porridge, breads or toast, fruit and natural yogurt. 


Lunch is offered at around 1200. Lunch is a hot cooked meal and is prepared by us. Where possible we use organic veg and locally sourced produce for our meals. We can cater for all dietary requirements.  


Afternoon Tea is served around 1630. This is a lighter, hot or cold meal prepared by us. It includes healthy choices like - selections of sandwiches, wraps, pitta, home made pizza, pastas, veggies and fruit. This is a smaller meal as many parents like to eat their evening meal with their little one. Please let us know if you would us to give a smaller portion for this reason. 


Snacks are offered mid morning (1030) and mid afternoon (1430). Snacks include fruit and/or vegetable sticks 

We do not serve desserts at The Nest and we do not add salt or sugar to our meals. 

We offer a home cooked pescatarian menu full of protein, veggies and goodness. 

We are an allergy aware setting and are able to cater for all allergy and dietary requirements. 


Our staff are Level 2, food and Hygiene trained.

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