Children's Learning and Development

Learning through exploration and play in a nurturing environment

First and foremost, The Nest follows the guidelines and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage. But at The Nest we like to offer something a little different too. In the UK families are lucky to have so many choices when it comes to early years, they can consider Montessori, Steiner, Forest school and Reggio nurseries. The Nest has been created with the best features of the different early years approaches in mind and here's how....

Kids Painting

Early Years Foundation Stage

As part of the Early Years’ Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, we organise fun learning activities to make sure that your child has a well-rounded nursery school experience. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum lays emphasis on physical growth, mental development and social awareness.

Our Atelierista

Our Atelierista is a “teacher” with an arts background. They work with all age groups and practitioners to trace a child’s discoveries through artwork and working together they document and reflect on what is learnt. In this way, the expressive and poetic languages became part of the process by which knowledge is built.

Prepared Environment

Doctor Maria Montessori conducted extensive research into children and their development throughout her lifetime. She determined that children learn best in a prepared environment where they have freedom of movement and independent choice.


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