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Registration Forms

Thank you for registering with us. Please complete our forms to prepare for your start with us. If some of the information changes before your baby/child starts, don't worry, just update us closer to the time. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your family. 

New Child Registration Form

For new joiners, if you would like to claim funding, please also complete our funding form

Early Years
Funding form

Including children eligible from 2024. Please also complete the registration form if you are a new joiner

Terms and Conditions

These are for your reference. We do not require a signature on them specifically, you will agree to these terms when you sign your registration form.

Registration Forms: Information Pack


We have a range of sessions and discounts, with a flexible approach to the timings of our 4, 8 and 9-hour sessions, so that you can meet your work commitments, stress free.

FREE Childcare 2024

Unfortunately, we cannot add the funding to our paperwork until the government confirms the process. Rest assured that once your baby is eligible, you will receive your allocated hours. We are optimistic about government changes and will strive to provide parents with options to maximise support. Spaces are limited, so we recommend securing your place now; you can still register without choosing a funded option. Based on provisional information, it seems that the 9-month-old funding will commence the term after a baby turns 9 months and that parents will need to apply for the funding through the childcare choices website for an eligibility code. Once the government have this in place and you receive your eligibility code, we will be able to add the funding for you. You will only need to pay the full rates until your baby is eligible. 

Change your booking pattern

If you need to change your booking pattern prior to your start date please complete our change to session form. Refer to your terms and conditions for more information.

Registration Forms: Text
Diverse Kindergarten

The Nest Ltd

Please pay your deposit and registration fee of £230, use your child's full name as the reference.

We look forward to welcoming you

Registration Forms: Welcome

Before your first settle session

Please complete our permissions and emergency card form before your first settle session

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