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SD TT 30hr options: Welcome

30 Hours Funding

Additional sessions can be booked Term-Time only, but you will attend your schedule for free hours year-around, 51 weeks a year. (We close for one week at Christmas)

The government offer the 30 free hours based on Term-Time only attendance over 38 weeks a year. This is a total of 1140 hours per year. We are open 51 weeks a year, so your funding is stretched over those 51 weeks, giving you 22 hours a week free.

Your free hours are

Two days, 8am to 6pm

Plus one half day (using two free hours + 3 paid for hours)

8am to 1pm OR 1pm to 6pm

You will pay £30 per week for the 3 hours a week not covered by funding, plus £27.50 per week for activities and sundries during the free hours. You are charged £244.38 a month in total.

Additional Sessions Term-Time only

You can book additional sessions using our term time only option. In this case, your additional sessions will run for 42 weeks of the year and your child will not attend those sessions for 10 weeks of the year. This may suit parents who work term-time only.

Attendance must match our term dates. Please check our term dates here.

Term Dates
SD TT 30hr options: About Us

How to apply for a place

If you are new to The Nest, you will need to complete the registration form and the funding application form. If you are already at The Nest, to add funding to your sessions, just complete the funding application form. 

Registration Form

Check 30hr Eligibility

SD TT 30hr options: Information Pack
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