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SD TT 30hr options: Welcome

Our Term-Time option is for 38 weeks of the year

You can use your 1140 hours across the 38 weeks and claim up to 30 hours free each week. Free funded hours do not include - Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea, nappies, wipes, annual trips, peripatetic classes. Our supplement fee covers the cost of these items. If you would prefer not to pay a supplement fee, you can choose our free hours only option. 

Term Dates
SD TT 30hr options: About Us

Free Hours Only


Our fees including funded hours are below. We do not offer a completely FREE term-time only option. For our free options choose all-year-round attendance or choose one of our supplemented options before

SD TT 30hr options: Services

Supplemented Term-Time only Weekly Plans

All include up to 30 hours of free hours per week. The Supplement fee covers the cost of additional hours, snacks, meals within the session times, activities and our online learning journey. We are flexible with which days you choose, subject to availability. Additional sessions can be added to your plan, they are charged at your the rate listed on your nursery page.


9 Hour Days

30 Hours Free


8am to 6pm

30 hours free



8am to 6pm

30 hours free 


8 Hour Days

30 Hours Fee


SD TT 30hr options: List


We offer discounts for full days and for full time attendance. Full time attendance is when a child attends 5 days each week, Monday through to Friday. Only one discount may be applied to each plan.


Sibling Discount

Applied to older child

SD TT 30hr options: List

How to apply for a place

If you are new to The Nest, you will need to complete the registration form and the funding application form. If you are already at The Nest, to add funding to your sessions, just complete the funding application form. 

Registration Form

Check 30hr Eligibility

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