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The Nest Seven Dials

0 - 5 years - 7am to 7pm - Monday to Friday

Seven Dials: Welcome

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The Nest Seven Dials - Brighton Station

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Boy Playing with Abacus

The one with the homely feel

Small group sizes - Bright Airy Rooms

The Nest Nursery at Seven Dials, Brighton Station is located on the corner of Albert Road in a beautifully bright and airy Georgian building just 350m from Brighton station and Seven Dials. The layout of the building creates a homely and chilled out vibe. The Nursery maintains small groups sizes across its 5 rooms which cater for babies, toddlers and young children from birth until they start school. We are less than 5 minutes walk from seven dials, and just 5 minutes from Churchill square and Brighton station. We are ideally located for families commuting into and from Brighton for work and for local residents.

Seven Dials: Our Mission
Day Care

Time to get to know you

Individual and Adaptable

Routine is central to the development of young children and each of our age groups following their own fun and educational timetable. But we work hard to ensure that we are able to follow each child's individual needs too. Since every child and family is different we never follow a 'one method fits all' approach. Instead, we spend time with you finding out your child's own personal needs. As children grow, we adapt to their needs. Our constant reflection, evaluation and adaptations, means that the environment is always tailored to meet the children's needs.

Seven Dials: About Us

Nursery Fees

We offer a range of discounts. One discount can be added to your plan. 

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Sibling discount


Applied to oldest child

Twin Discount


Applied to one child


Applied to each child

Seven Dials: Services

All Year Round

Fees for under 3's 

We are open for 51 weeks per year. Sessions are paid monthly in advance by Direct Debit or Card payments using our nursery app. Our minimum attendance is 3 half days per week. This can be 1 full day and one-half day.

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Term Time Only

Fee's for under 3's

We are one of the only private day nurseries in Brighton to offer a 38 weeks term time option. Additional sessions can be booked during the holidays too. Our minimum term-time attendance is two full days a week. Fees are paid monthly in advance by Direct Debit or debit card.

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Two-Year-Old funding

For eligible two-year-olds

Some 2-year-olds in Brighton & Hove are entitled to receive up to 15 hours a week of free early learning, or 570 hours spread across the year. At The Nest, we offer completely free hours for eligible two-year-olds. Lunch is provided at £3.50, tea at £3. Snacks are included. Additional sessions can be booked at the standard fees.

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15 Hours a week - Term-Time


1 x 8am to 6pm Day and

1 x Half Day

8am to 1pm/1pm to 6pm 

11 Hours a week - All Year


2 x 7:45am to 1:15pm OR
3 x 1:30pm to 5:10pm

11 Hours a week - All Year

With additional hours

2 x 8am to 6pm Days
£48.57 per week

Seven Dials: List

Fees for three and four-year-olds

Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE)

All children receive 570 hours of free early learning, spread across the year, from the term after their third birthday. 

Working parents may be eligible for an additional 570 hours per year.

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Our Nursery Rooms and Preschool

Individual and adaptable

Routine is central to the development of young children so each room has a dedicated timetable. But we work hard to ensure that we are able to follow each child's individual needs too. Since every child and family is different we never follow a 'one method fits all' approach. Instead, we spend time with you to find out your child's own personal needs. As children grow, we adapt to their needs. Our constant reflection, evaluation, and adaptations mean that the environment is always tailored to meet the children's needs.

Our staff are chosen for their nurturing and loving personalities as well as their experience and qualifications. Each key person has a very manageable number of key children to ensure that they are able to develop strong bonds and relationships with each family and baby. 


Wrens Nest

Lovingly provides for babies up to 20 months

In our Wrens room, we have a ratio of at least 1:3. The room is led by a Level 3 qualified Early Years Educator who is supported by other qualified key people that have experience and knowledge of working with babies. 

We want to provide the very best environment for your baby, so before your baby starts with us, your key person will spend time with you and your baby to ensure that they know their individual needs, preferences, and routines. We take careful note of even the smallest of details, which we understand will make the biggest difference in helping them to settle into their new nursery family and environment. 

Your baby's day will be filled with plenty of fun and stimulating activities. They will include many sensory activities where your baby can get to know the world and make sense of it through sight, smells, touch, noise, and taste. 

We have a range of both open-ended resources and commercial toys, that will stimulate your baby and develop their cognitive skills. 

During the day, your child will spend time in the morning and afternoon exploring the outdoor learning environment. 

The routines in Wrens Nest are very baby-led. We understand that not all babies have the same sleep and eating schedule. 

Our fees are all-inclusive of meals and snacks. We can provide baby-led weaning as well as pureed meals. You will just need to provide us with your choice of formula or breast milk.


Puffins Nest

The space for exploration from 20 months

In our Puffins room, we have a ratio of 1:3 for toddlers under 2-years-old and 1:4 for toddlers over 2-years-old. The room is led by a Level 3 Early Years Educator and is supported by other qualified practitioners. The room also has one dedicated apprentice who is learning alongside the children. 

This is the age group who really start to show their own little characters, they are walking and talking and becoming more independent in everything they do. 

This age group is ready to investigate and explore the world around them, so time in the Chaffinch's room is fun and energetic! The holistic approach to learning and development means that children are having so much fun they do not realise how much they are learning The children are supported by knowledgeable and caring practitioners, who encourage the children’s 
developing independence and social skills as they play. 


Bluebirds Nest

First steps preschool for 2 and 3 year olds

Children start in Bluebirds in September after they turn two years old. In this room, we have a ratio of 1:4 for two-year-olds and 1:8 for three-year-olds. By this point, your children are joining a group with children they will start school with and are enjoying more structure in their day. Children stay in Robins for one year. 

The children engaged in planned, purposeful play through a mix of adult-initiated and child-initiated activities all centered around the children's interests. The children develop close friendships through their play and begin asking more questions as their imaginations and curiosity evolve.  Our qualified and full-time Early Years Educators carefully support your developing preschooler to practice the things they have learned and extend their learning with new possibilities. Children explore the garden twice each day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. 

The room is led by a full-time Level 3 qualified Early Years Educator, they are supported by another qualified Educator. 


Swallows and Owls


for 3 to 5 year-olds

Children move into one of our second-year preschool rooms the September before they are due to start school. The ratio in our preschool rooms is 1:8 or 1:13. The rooms are led by two Level 6 Early Years Educators. Our preschool sessions are catered to meet the needs of their growing minds and to prepare the children to start school. We keep our nurturing touch with sessions that are more structured. We accept preschool early years funding too.

As they grow into early childhood, their world begins to open up. They become more independent and more social.  The children’s use of language flourishes and their inquiring minds are keen to discover the answers to their questions. Our team plan activities that reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage for the development of preschool children. There are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading, mathematics skills, science, mark-making, imaginative play, construction, and ICT, which are reinforced through purposeful play. We introduce more structure to your child’s day, along with continuing other activities such as cooking, dance, drama, and interesting outings. 

Seven Dials: Programs

Outdoor Learning

From the Beginning

All nursery and preschool groups get ample opportunity for outdoor learning. Children in Chaffinch, Robins, and Swallows have access to the garden in the morning and the afternoon. The Wrens have their own dedicated time slots in the garden twice a day. All groups have several preplanned trips throughout the year and in the year before the children start school, they have the opportunity to attend weekly Forest School sessions.

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